Pharmaceutics Lab.

This laboratory provides knowledge about the manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations. It is equipped with different machines like Ampoule washing, filling and sealing machines, Tablet punching and coating machines, Capsule filling and sealing machines, Ointment filling and sealing machines, bottle sealing machine etc.

Pharmacology Lab.

This laboratory provides knowledge about the characterization of chemicals which show biological effects. It is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Isolated organ bath, Assemblies for Isolated tissue experiments, Actophotometer, Analgesiometer, Convulsiometer, Rotarode and Pole climbing apparatus etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab.

This laboratory provides knowledge related to study of drugs, and development of new drug molecules. It is equipped with sophisticated microscopes and instruments like Refractometer, Polarimeter, Digital Ph meter, colorimeter and ion exchanger etc

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab.

This laboratory provides knowledge related to quality of synthesized Oral liquids, Tablets, Capsules and Parenterals. This lab. is attached with aseptic chamber having laminar air flow and also includes instruments like Autoclave, Tablet disintegration apparatus, BOD incubator, Tablet dissolution test apparatus, Sterility tester etc.

Pharmacognosy Lab.

This Laboratory provides guidelines to the students regarding natural sources of drugs and Phytochemicals screening and it is equipped with various instruments like Projection microscope, TLC spreader, Autoclave, Hot air oven, Vacuum pumps etc